Lets debunk some myths around E-filing


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Today let’s look at the benefits of e-filing your Income Tax Return. The number of paper returns filed is declining each year, for those who may be unsure – lets dispel some myths around e-filing.

Before, we begin to talk about benefits of e-filing, do note that filing your Return is absolutely secure at www.cleartax.in. Respecting and protecting the privacy of our customers is paramount for us. Read more here.

Here are some common myths around e-filing –

Myth ‘E-filing is not mandatory’ – E-filing of Return is now mandatory for individuals, including salaried taxpayers who earn more than Rs 5lakhs. It is expected that the government may attempt make e-filing mandatory for all in the coming years!

Myth ‘E-filing is complete when I have submitted my return online’ – Your e-filing is not complete unless you send the signed copy to CPC, Bangalore via speed post. (The Income Tax Department is expected to do away with this process for those who hold an adhaar card). If you do not send your ITR-V you may have to file your return again.

Myth ‘ I can’t self e-file, I’ll need a CA’ – ClearTax takes the complex out of e-filing, you’ll sail through self e-filing! You’ll be filing up only the relevant sections applicable and your experience will be clutter free. ClearTax also allows you to upload your form 16; it can extract your TDS details directly from the Income Tax Department website. E-filing is free on ClearTax whereas your local CA will charge for filing even the simplest return.

Myth ‘E-filing is complex and I am worried I’ll make a mistake’ – The chances of making an error are almost negligible when you e-file. Your return is validated electronically and apparent mistakes are pointed out to you. On ClearTax you don’t need to choose what form applies to you – we do that for you basis the data entered by you!

Myth ‘IT department will communicate with me with the email id I used for e-filing’ – In your ITR you have to specifically mention the email id where you want the department to correspond with you.


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