We are hiring! Programming jobs at ClearTax

ClearTax is hiring a programmer generalist for scaling our services to the next 1M users. Our customer base is growing like crazy and we have customers both in consumer and the enterprise. 

You get to work closely with the founders who code and help scale the tech and the company.

We mostly program in C# (or F#) and Javascript. The framework is like ruby-on-rails. Programming Language is NOT a constraint at all. We can coach each other.

We are looking for people who love to hack code. Bonus points if you are interested in solving distribution problems (read growth hacking — optimizing our SEO and other high growth funnels which we won’t talk about here).

I love programming and I can do it all day long, and I am trying to add people who love to hack as much as I do.

We are hiring at all levels, fresh grads to CTO level positions.

We play Ultimate Frisbee every week and take our team along. We mainly work out of our CP office, so great coffee shops, bars and restaurants are in 5 minute walking distance.

You can send a resume to me at archit@cleartax.in or you can send a link to your linkedin profile. You can point me to your github and/or StackOverflow profile.

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