Verify your e-filing account on the Income Tax Department website

For users who are logging in to the Department website after a long time, the Income Tax Department has introduced a new verification process.

Taxpayers must verify their e-filing account before proceeding to e-file their return.


Step 1.

Go to and log in using your your username, date of birth and password. The username is your PAN number.



Step 2.

You will be shown the verification screen on the next page.
Enter your PAN for the username field, a phone number and email address that you currently use. When you click on ‘Continue’, the department gives you a OTP on email /mobile.


Step 3.

You will receive the OTP both to your inbox and on your phone.






Step 4.

Enter the PIN to complete the verification process. Click on “Continue”



Step 5.

You will see a confirmation message from the Department.



Step 6.

After your verification on the Income Tax Department website is done, come back to ClearTax and e-file your income tax return. You will be able to successfully complete e-filing.




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