User created Tutorial

Ravi Singh a user of ours created a tutorial for using ClearTax on his website. This tutorial is specifically for Salaried Tax payers looking to file an ITR-1.

We learnt about it when we saw some referral traffic come in to ClearTax.

Quoting Ravi:

“I tried it first from income tax website, but soon I realized it is very complex and little difficult to understand for common man (Who is not from financial background) then I find a new site It has completely blown me away.”

This is a happy moment for the ClearTax team. A user community is building around ClearTax and we are seeing blogs and websites profile us because they like the product. 🙂
As he mentions, if you are from Infosys, you have to upload your Salary Certificate and NOT your Form-16 with ClearTax.
Keep them coming and Happy tax filing people!
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