Upload your Form-16 PDF

ClearTax has always aimed to make life easy for folks who are filing their income tax returns online. We get a lot of first time users who have never dealt with tax returns themselves before.

We are so happy to announce that ClearTax can now automatically parse your Form-16 PDF. 

So how does this work? 

Just 3 easy steps in e-filing your Income Tax Return.

Step 1: You upload your digital Form-16 PDF. (A digital PDF is NOT a scan*).

Step 2: We read your PDF and understand it. We automatically fill in all the relevant fields and ask you to fill in the remaining fields needed for tax return filing.

Step 3: You now just need to review and e-file your Income Tax Return in one-click.

* We can’t deal with scans yet. Our engineers are working on magic image parsing technology
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