Unmatched Entries in Form 26AS

Unmatched Entries in Form 26AS

The Income Tax Department allows PAN holders to view & download their Form 26AS. Form 26AS has all the information related to taxes deducted, taxes collected on your behalf or taxes deposited by you directly.

Before we understand what does ‘Unmatched’ status in your Form 26AS mean – let’s take a look at how details regarding your taxes are captured in Form 26AS. What is the source of information that sits in your Form 26AS.

TDS deducted from your Income – When a payment is made to you and tax is deducted thereon, the deductor is collecting tax on behalf of the government. The deductor is required to prepare a summary of all the TDS so deducted by him and deposit it with the government. This deposit is made by the deductor through a Bank. The Bank further uploads this payment related information on the TIN central system. Additionally, on a quarterly basis the deductor is required to file a statement of TDS deducted and deposited with TIN. TIN will match these 2 sources of information (deposit information from bank and return filed by deductor) and create details for each PAN holder of TDS deducted/collected.

Tax Deposited by you directly to Government – Payments are made by you through a bank for any self assessment tax or advance tax you pay to the government. Again the Bank uploads this information on TIN and from TIN these details will reach your Form 26AS.

Therefore – when the there is seamless matching of entries regarding payment and details submitted by deductor and Bank, you can be assured that Tax Deducted from you has been deposited to the government and the deductor has accurately filed the statement with details of your TDS and Banks have accurate information regarding your TDS or tax payments made by you directly.

Here are some errors that can throw this matching out of place and you will end up seeing either an Unmatched Status on your Form or entries on your form that do not belong to you –

–          PAN is incorrectly mentioned either by you, the deductor or the bank

–          Deductor has not filed quarterly TDS statement

–          Deductor has filed an erroneous TDS statement

–          Bank has made an error with uploading details of your information

Therefore in these cases you will end up seeing ‘Unmatched’ or a U status against your TDS entries in Form 26AS.

What to do regarding ‘Unmatched Entries’ in your Form 26AS

  • Verify the entries on your Form 26AS – Cross check each entry on your form 26AS with TDS certificate provided to you by your employer (Form 16) or TDS certificate provided by the Bank as the case may be. You can also look up TDS details from your pay slips or bank statements (for TDS deducted by bank).
  • Reach out to your Deductor and request the deductor to revise its TDS return to correct discrepancies.
  • In case there is an error at the Bank’s side you need to reach out to your Bank and request that your TDS details be updated by the bank.
  • In case your self assessment tax or advance tax is not showing accurately – you may have to file a challan correction and you may have to reach out to your Assessing Officer.

Form 26 AS is an important document that brings together all your tax information – do review it on a regular basis and make sure the entries are reflecting accurately.

In case you have questions regarding your Form 26AS or need help reconciling your tax information, do write to us support@cleartax.in and we will sort this out for you!



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