Today’s 4 hour outage

ClearTax had a 4 hour outage today on Saturday Morning, June 30th. It was due to Amazon AWS going down in the east coast data center due to a very large electrical storm. ClearTax was in interesting company as Netflix, Heroku, RapGenius and Instagram also went down at the same time.

We were back up as soon as AWS resolved issues. We are happy to say that our service provider AppHarbor kept us informed throughout and worked with us to resolve some minor niggles in connecting back to our SQL Servers. Would really like to thank Michael Friis over at AppHarbor for his very prompt help.

No data was lost or any other service affected after we were back online. Everything was back to normal after AWS outage cleared. 

We are investigating ways to mitigate temporary outages caused when AWS has issues. 

ClearTax Engineering Team
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