The foolproof guide to E-Filing on ClearTax

This guide tells you how to E-File and answers the most common questions people have.


    • Have one or more Form-16 PDFs? Upload your Form-16 and immediately start Filing
        • This is not mandatory, this is just a shortcut to data entry.


    • Don’t have Form-16? Click on the orange button and start filing.


Personal Information

    • Enter your name exactly as it is written on your PAN card (first, middle, last)
        • If there’s just one name in the PAN card, enter it in place of the last name


    • Enter your date of birth exactly as it is written on your PAN card



    • You need to enter 4 things: Income from Salary, TAN of Employer, TDS


    • Did you upload a Form-16? Your data should already be there!



    • You only need to enter the total value of all eligible investments combined.


    • If there are investments you have not disclosed to employer, you can still claim them here.


  • You don’t need to submit any documents while filing. Keep the original with you.

Additional Information

    • Enter your Bank Account and IFSC information. This is compulsory.


    • Enter details of any other bank accounts you have


Finish Filing
Click on the button to E-File. You will receive an email with your ITR-V.

Start E-Filing Now

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