So Rajesh asks why he should use ClearTax

So a good friend of mine, Rajesh asked why he should use ClearTax to efile his Income Tax Return. He found the government website fairly easy to use for income tax filing. He has been using the govt. website for his last 2 Income Tax Returns and the process of e-filing there was quite smooth.
Its a great question, and it gave me an opportunity to extol the virtues of ClearTax on our blog.
So ClearTax vs the Income Tax Return website:
Basically the choice here depends on the customer’s use case. For a very simple income tax return with one form-16 and interest income, its no big deal. Use either service to efile your income tax return.
Round 1: Usability
– With the government website,
   – You download an excel sheet,
   – Fill it out in MS Excel only (and you have to enable macros)
   – Generate an XML file that the government understands
   – Login to the government website and then e-file from a very non-intuitive UI.
So what can go wrong?
  • Most people (read non-technical people) do not know what an XML file is. They don’t know what to do with it.
  • Normal people don’t know how to enable macros on Microsoft Excel.
  • Government website User Interface is alright. Not the best. (I am being kind).
– You create a free account (one click), fill your tax return details via a step-by-step guide and efile.
One workflow. We’ll tell you what’s incorrect or missing while you are working through your tax return. That makes efiling a one click operation.
Round 2: Utility
1. ClearTax offers Indefinite backups of your tax return. Don’t need to worry about your tax return when you need it for visa and loan applications. Its always there when you login later.
2. If you have rental income, your own house, have capital gains, exempt Income, etc, clearTax really simplifies tax filing. You have to try it to experience it. (Signing up for ClearTax is free)
With that said, to each his own – you might find one service better than the other. The above is based on feedback from our users and our assessment.
Well happy tax filing!
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