Secure your E- filing Accounts through E – Filing Vault



As the e filing of returns has become mandatory in most of the cases, it is very important to protect your income tax e- filing account against the possible fraudulent practices & malicious intent. In order to deal with the said possibility, the Income Tax department has introduced a new facility called as ‘E-Filing Vault’.

The E- filing Vault is basically a dual factor Login authentication feature. Currently, login to e- filing account is done by entering your User id (PAN number) and Password. If somebody knows your PAN number and password, he can easily login to your account and access the sensitive information such as your personal details, Income tax return details etc. But the E- filing Vault will ensure higher security as it will require additional check over the normal login process. (Explained below in details).


Steps involved in e- filing Vault – Higher Security Process:

Step 1: Login to e – filing portal using your credentials (User id and password).

Step 2: Click on the Profile settings and then click on the E- filing Vault- Higher security option. The following screen with two sections 1) Login with higher security options 2) Lock reset password option is displayed.



Step 3: Under Login with Higher Security Options, user can then select to login with any one of the multiple options of the higher security methods

    • Login through Net banking or
    • Login using Digital Signature Certificate (DSC).
    • Login using Aadhar OTPor


  • Login using Bank Account EVC
  • Login using Demat EVC


Step 4: Once user select any of the above options, then any future attempt to login  will require the additional check i.e. normal login procedure + any of these options is mandatory to login to income tax e-filing account

Below are the pre-requisites to avail these multiple login options;

[table id=35 /]



  • Let’s say user select ‘Login through Net banking’ option
  • User needs to select the option “Login through Net-Banking”. Then Click “OK” and click the “Proceed” button.


  • User will be redirected to a confirmation page. Click on confirm button. Confirm message will display on the screen.
  • Next time the user logs in, the user is redirected to “e-Filing Login through Net Banking” page where the user needs to select his / her bank and login to the bank.
  • User must select his/her bank from the list of the banks provided.
  • After login to Net Banking account, click on the link “Login to the IT e-Filing account”.
  • User will be redirected to e-Filing dashboard.


In the same manner whatever option the user selects, first he has to register the relevant pre- requisite applicable to the option selected. So, next time when user login to eFiling Account, after the normal login he will be re-directed to the additional security option selected.


How to disable the dual factor Authentication feature?


User can anytime disable the dual authentication feature. It is not mandatory to continue forever. To deactivate eFiling Vault functionality;

  • Click on ‘Profile Settings’ and then select ‘E-Filing Vault’ option.
  • You can then click on the login option that you have opted for.
  • Click on ‘Proceed’ and then click on ‘Disable’ option.
  • For example – Below screenshot is for disabling ‘Aadhaar OTP’ login option.



How to reset password?


  • If you have forgotten your e-Filing account, to reset/change your password you have to click on ‘Forgot password’ option which is available on ‘Login Page’.


    • You have to then enter your ‘User Id’ (PAN number) & Captcha code.
    • You can ‘select the option’ to reset the password.


  •  If you have not yet activated the new reset password functionality, you have to choose ‘answer secret question’ (or) Using OTP/PIN options only.





  • In the above screenshot, you can notice that two more ‘password reset options’ namely ‘Upload DSC‘ & ‘Using Aadhaar OTP‘ are available.
  • To activate these options, you have to login to your account, click on ‘Profile Settings’ and then select ‘E-Filing Vault – Higher Security option’. You can view the below ‘Password reset options’.



  • The Password reset through net-banking option is the default option. You can choose ‘Digital Signature Certificate’ option or Aadhar OTP and then click on ‘Proceed’.

If you select net-banking / DSC / Aadhar modes, the existing options of e-Filing OTP and Secret Question will be disabled. This will provide additional security to e-Filing account.

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