Are you looking for preparing TDS return within a short time? ClearTDS can save your time and avoid typing mistakes. You can just copy your data into our Excel Template. You can add the deductees and challans by uploading this filled Excel Template. Here are the steps to upload Data by using Excel template into ClearTDS. Step 1: Login to ClearTDS. Choose your deductor and click on “Import from Excel”. today 8 Step 2: Select Form Type, Financial year and Quarter to which you want to import your data and click on “Done” then there is Excel Template with the name of “Tax deductions”, now you can download the template with one click on “Download”.
Import data from excel in ClearTDS
Excel Template of “Tax deductions (Annexure I)” contains 3 parts: A.Deductees details: 1.PAN of the deductee                                           2.Deductee Name                                          3.Deductee reference No. (optional)   B.Deduction details :  1.Section Code                                             2.Total Amount credited/paid                                            3.Date of credit and date of deduction                                          4.Amount of TDS, Surcharge, and Cess.   C.Challan details:  1.Challan No.                                       2.BSR Code                                       3.Challan deposit date                                       4.TDS amount, Interest and Late filing fee. today 9 Step 3: Once you fill “Excel Template”, you can upload with the option of “Choose file”. After data is imported successfully, you can see the data by clicking on “View Imported details”.
ClearTDS upload excel
today 9 That’s it! You have added the data into ClearTDS and you can file the TDS return. To validate and prepare the return you can read this guide There is a guide, it helps you.