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All You Need to Know About West Bengal Societies Registration

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Society is a group of seven or more members who come together and unite themselves for working towards various charitable and welfare purposes, including topics of political, art, literary and social importance. It is an association of people or individuals who unite together with the objective and aim of doing service for the betterment of society. 

Each state has its own Society Registration Act under which a society formed by a group of individuals needs to be registered to obtain legal recognition and ensure applicable compliance. The societies formed in West Bengal are regulated under the West Bengal Societies Registration Act,1961 (“Act”). This Act provides the procedure for society registration and its operation in West Bengal. 

Society Under West Bengal Societies Registration, 1961

Any seven or more individuals can form a society under the Act by subscribing their names to the Memorandum of Association (MoA) and filing it with the Registrar (as defined under Section 3 of the Act) for registration along with the copy of the society regulations. However, society should be associated with any one or more of the objects mentioned in the Act.

The objects specified in the Act are as follows:

  • Object relating to the promotion of arts, literature, religion or science.
  • Any charitable purpose that includes the relief or care of orphans, sick, aged, helpless or indigent persons. 
  • The alleviation of the sufferings of animals.
  • The diffusion of knowledge.
  • The dissemination of political, social or economic education.
  • The establishment and maintenance of reading rooms or libraries for the members or the public.
  • The preservation and collection of paintings, manuscripts, sculptures, antiquities, works of art, mechanical and scientific instruments, natural history specimens and designs. 
  • Any other object notified by the State Government as beneficial to the public or a section of the public.

West Bengal Societies Registration Process

The West Bengal Society Registration process are as follows:

  • The applicant should submit the society registration application form to the respective Registrar along with a copy of the MoA and the society’s bylaws and regulations.
  • The application has to pay a fee not exceeding Rs.150 submitting the form and receiving the acknowledgement slip.
  • The Registrar will issue the Registration Certificate after verification of the documents.

Society Name Under West Bengal Societies Registration Act

Society will not be granted registration if its name is identical or resembles the name of another society or body corporate incorporated or registered under the Act. Upon registration, every society will have to prominently display the society name outside its office or the place it carries on business. Society needs to have a seal with its name engraved on it, and it should mention its name in all documents executed on its behalf or in its favour.

Memorandum Of Association And Regulations

The MoA of the society should contain the following particulars:

  • Name of the association,
  • Registered office address of the association,
  • The object of the association,
  • Names of the first members of the Governing Body, and
  • Names, occupation and addresses of the signatories to the MoA.

The regulation of the society should contain the following particulars:

  • Composition of the Governing Body and the manner of appointment or election, term of office, removal or resignation of the members of the Governing Body, the Secretary, the President and other officers.
  • Admission to membership, removal and resignation of members.
  • Maintenance and facility for inspection of the register of members.
  • Safe custody of the society property, including the manner of investing or keeping any money of the society.
  • Procedure for conducting meetings of the society, the method of voting, quorum, the manner of voting by proxy and the period of notice for meetings. 
  • Maintenance and audit of accounts.
  • Inspection of accounts and proceedings of meetings by the members of the society. 
  • Any other matter relating to the affairs or objects of the society.

Documents Required For West Bengal Societies Registration

  • ID and address proof of all the society members.
  • Passport size photos of the members.
  • Copy of MOA, society regulations and Bye-laws.
  • Rent agreement, if the society is situated on a rented property.
  • Application Form. 

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