Now Firms too can e-verify their income tax return

E-verification of income tax returns has its merits. There is no need to send physical ITR-V and you are a step closer to your final return processing. Your refunds may be processed faster, as there is no lag in verification from your side. Time may be lost in physically sending your ITR-V and e-verification helps complete your return filing process faster.

Now Firms too can benefit from e-verification.

For successful e–verification of a Firm’s tax return

  • Firm’s Principal Contact person should be registered with e-filing website
  • Aadhaar – PAN linking on the income tax department site should be complete.
  • E-verification can be done by generating Aadhaar OTP


More reading: You can go through our GUIDE: How to e-verify your tax return using aadhaar OTP – Click HERE.





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