Last date for filing income tax return for FY 2013-14

31st March 2016 is the LAST DATE to file your income tax return for financial year 2013-14.

If your total income earned between 1st April 2013 to 31st March 2014 is more than Rs 2,50,000 you must file an income tax return.

You must file a return for FY 2013-14 when-

  • Your income from all sources – including salary, interest income, any other income i.e. rental or freelancing income exceeds Rs 2,50,000 in total.
  • You need refund of excess TDS deducted.
  • You need income tax returns to apply for a loan.
  • Proof of tax filing is required for applying for a visa.
  • Income tax return for FY 2013-14 shall not be accepted after 31st March 2016. You may have to approach your assessing officer to file a return.


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Important for FY 2014-15:

  • Due date for filing of income tax return for financial year 2014-15 was 7th September 2015.
  • However you can file your returns by 31st March 2016 for financial year 2014-15.
  • If you file after 31st March 2016, you may have to pay penalty of Rs 5,000 as per section 271F.


(assessment year is 2014-15 for financial year 2013-14)

(assessment year is 2015-16 for financial year 2014-15)


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