From 1st July anyone who has aadhaar must mention it in ITR

Much debate has been going on about whether Aadhaar must be provided in income tax return. Recently, the Supreme Court of India has said that if you have an Aadhaar Card you must mention it while filing your income tax return.

Here is a brief summary of the honorable Supreme Court’s decision :

  • Starting 1st July, anyone who has an Aadhaar Card must mention it in their tax return.
  • Those who do not have an Aadhaar Card and do not wish to get one, for such persons, PAN will not be cancelled.

Do note that returns can still be filed until 30th June 2017 without mentioning Aadhaar number.

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Some individuals are exempt from quoting Aadhaar, read about them here.

This decision has come in the wake of an ongoing case in the Supreme Court challenging the linkage of Aadhaar with income tax return. This is based on the premise that such linkage is a threat and invasion of ‘privacy’ of an individual and details of his/her personal income should not be mandatorily linked with Aadhaar.

Another decision is pending in the same court regarding privacy concerns of Aadhaar in general. A constitutional bench has been asked to review Aadhaar law and privacy rights of citizens of India due to its use. Therefore, the Supreme Court has ruled that no PAN can be cancelled due to non-linkage with Aadhaar.

Below is the Section 139AA of the income tax act (as introduced by the government)

Section 139AA of the Income Tax Act, 1961

(1) Every person who is eligible to obtain Aadhaar number shall, on or after the 1st day of July, 2017, quote Aadhaar number –

(i) in the application form for allotment of permanent account number

(ii) in the return of income

Provided where the person does not possess the Aadhaar Number, the Enrollment ID of Aadhaar application form issued to him at the time of enrolment shall be quoted in the application for permanent account number or, as the case may be, in the return of income furnished by him.

(2) Every person who has been alloted permanent account number as on 1st day of July 2017, and who is eligible to obtain Aadhaar number, shall intimate, his Aadhaar number to such authority and in such form and manner as may be prescribed, on or before a date to be notified by the Central Government in the Official Gazette

Provided that in case of failure to intimate the Aadhaar number, the permanent account number allotted to the person shall be deemed to be invalid and the other provisions of this Act shall apply, as if the person had not applied for allotment of permanent account number.

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6 Responses to From 1st July anyone who has aadhaar must mention it in ITR

  1. SOMNATH CHOUDHURY June 12, 2017 at 11:14 pm #

    Thank you all for this important wishes to your team…..

  2. Rama June 13, 2017 at 2:08 pm #

    Linking of AADHAAR with PAN will make life miserable sometimes.

    Example:If the name in PAN is Dr.xxxxxx, AADHAAR card will show only DRxxxx
    The AADHAAR portal should be tweaked to make the option of using a .(dot)

  3. A.K.Manchanda June 13, 2017 at 2:34 pm #


  4. Shubhro Banerjrr June 15, 2017 at 10:35 am #

    The GOVERNMENT is going in full throttle now supported by SC, on AADHAAR card AND ITS VARIOUS LINKAGES TO LIKE PAN CARD, MOBILE NUMBER , BANK ACCOUNT ETC may be it will serve them the best,I’M SURE,but in the process , they are trying to open the floodgates of personal information to the world. All information will be available like fingerprints, retinal scans Etcetra online for the hackers. I won’t be surprised now that there could be now identity thefts for the 125 crores Indian population, there could be another Honorable Mr.Narendra Modi or some big businessman from India Roaming in another part of the world or country with the same identity documents, but fake. Such is the power of technology. The Govt.must keep that in mind that they may be exposing the Indian population and India as a whole to the anti socials and various terrorists groups in the world.

  5. Indumathi Sadashiv Kurtakoti June 17, 2017 at 7:07 pm #

    Thank you for the best information. I have the ADHAR No. and PAN No. Name, age, and Sex in ADHAR is same as in PAN. While doing effort to make linkage, ADHAR- PAN inking became failed on the reason that ADHAR number that I have entered does not exist in Adhar datbase. Whatever number is there in ADHAR is only I have entered. No body will guide in this regards. No such qualified persons/ authorities are not available. ADHAR Centres are there in Dharawar City which are not working properly. No qualified persons to give correct guidance/suggestion. Under such circumstances it has become very difficult/ disappointing to carry out the order of IT Department.

  6. ASITBARAN MAJUMDER June 17, 2017 at 9:54 pm #

    This will obviously be helping me. Because I won’t be able to submit my ITR before July 1st.