How to get your name right on your Income Tax Return!

It can be very exasperating when your Tax Return is not going through because of your name! It’s the last thing you thought will hold you up.

Starting financial year 2014-15 (assessment year 2015-16), for return filing, the Income Tax Department has started to validate your name in the income tax return against their PAN databases. This means while earlier you could file your return with a name different than PAN, using initials or something – now it must exactly match.

To succeed

Enter your name exactly as it is written on your PAN card (first, middle, last)

If there’s just one name in the PAN card, enter it in place of the last name on ClearTax

Enter your date of birth exactly as it is written on your PAN card


Also, while making the tax payment at the Bank, make sure you make NO MISTAKE in the challan while entering the PAN, Name, Major head (20 or 21), Assessment Year, Type of tax payment {advance tax (code 100), Self-Assessment tax (code 300)}, tax applicable (Income tax other than companies).


When you want to correct PAN information –

In case of any difference in Date of Birth or Gender in the Income Tax Department records or in case of any need to correct the data, it may be corrected by submitting a PAN Change Request Form (quoting the existing PAN) with correct details and providing relevant documents at any TIN facilitation centre.


Do comment & ask if you have any questions  and do use one name in all tax related documents and dealings 🙂

Do remember, there are almost 5 days to go to make your returns in time, don’t miss the DUE DATE of 7th SEPTEMBER if you haven’t filed already.

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