Numbing scenes from Nepal, did you make a donation for relief efforts?

Its numbing for us to see the massive loss of lives and lakhs of homeless in the recent earthquake in Nepal. Nature has its own ways.

Many of you are making contributions to assist the government’s relief efforts to the Nepalese.

Even a small contribution goes a long way and if you have contributed – you can also avail a deduction under section 80G of the Income Tax Act.

All donations made to the Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund are fully tax-exempt under Section 80G.

If you have contributed to any other fund which is eligible under section 80G – do remember to keep in your records

 Name of the Donee 

– PAN of the Donee

– Address of the Donee

and of course the amount you have contributed.

These details are mandatory if you want to claim a deduction under section 80G in your income tax return.

Donations made in FY 2014-15 can be claimed in the return for the same year. Any contributions made by you between 1st April 2015 and 31st March 2016 are eligible to be claimed in the return for FY 2015-16.

In case you have contributed to Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund – It’s PAN is AACTP4637Q

Have any questions, reach out to us

If you have someone in Nepal – we hope they are safe.

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