Happy Women’s Day from ClearTax!

Happy Women's Day

As more & more women are busy breaking the glass ceiling or simply running their entrepreneurial ventures, however big or small, their participation in personal finance planning and tax planning remains fairly low. Either understanding the tax laws seems too daunting or its the hesitation that comes with heading into a ‘never been before’ space that makes them stay away.  Several men file not only their own taxes but also for their spouses.

Inherently women are great multi taskers – juggling office, running a house or taking on the challenging task of schooling their children, they can really do it all. Taking charge of one’s finances & taxes is essential for both men & women. With the amount of expertise that already is with women given their multi tasking abilities and from managing the household budgets, we at ClearTax aim to not only simplify but also equip these women so they can understand and file their taxes on their own.

ClearTax has been rated by several users as the simplest and easiest tax way to get through your taxes! As we strive for our simple and easy to use tax filing experience to be the best, we hope to make a positive difference to a woman’s life.

Tax filing for women on ClearTax has always been and will be free for women!

Happy Women’s Day from ClearTax!

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