Guide for submitting investment proofs to your employer

The close of the financial year also means it is time for your employer to collect investment proofs. The income tax act has made it mandatory for employers to allow only those deductions for which proofs are submitted.

Submitting proofs helps your employer make a final adjustment of TDS in February and March salary. This way the employer makes sure appropriate TDS is deducted on your annual salary.

Here’s a quick guide to help you with submission of proofs.



Maximum amount allowed Eligibility Documents to be submitted Whether deduction can be claimed directly in the tax return
Claim HRA exemption Based on HRA calculation You receive HRA


You pay rent

Rent Receipts


PAN of landlord if rent exceeds Rs 1,00,000 per annum


Rent agreement



Yes. If you have not been able to submit rent receipts to your employer timely, and you meet the eligibility criteria you can claim HRA directly in your tax return.


claim interest deduction

on home loan

Rs 2,00,000 for a self occupied property




Entire interest for a rented property

You are an owner of a house property


You are a co-borrower in the home loan


You have paid interest


Interest certificate from lender


Amount of principal repayment (allowed under section 80C)


Address of the property


Yes. You can claim this deduction directly in your tax return.
Deductions under section 80C Rs 1,50,000 You have paid life insurance premium


Deposited in PPF



Purchased NSCs



Bought ELSS



Tuition Fees of Children


Sukanya Samridhi account investments


ULIPs investment


5 year Fixed Deposit


Principal repayment on home loan


Life insurance receipt



PPF deposit slip or updated PPF passbook


Copy of NSC certificates


ELSS statement from fund house


Fee receipts



Account statement




Premium receipt



Copy of FD or account statement


Certificate from lender

All these deductions can be claimed directly in your tax return
Medical Insurance

under section 80D

Rs 25,000 for insurance of self, spouse, kids


Rs 30,000 for insurance of parents

(for uninsured parents medical expenses of Rs 30,000 can be claimed)

Paid medical insurance premium


Paid for preventive Health Check-ups [Within these limits (Rs 25,000 and Rs 30,000) a deduction of maximum Rs 5,000 can be claimed for preventive health check-ups.]

Premium payment receipt or letter from insurer


Bills of preventive health check-ups.



Actual medical expenses bills of up to Rs 30,000 in case of parent who are uninsured and more than 80 years old.



This deduction can also be directly claimed in the tax return.
Donations under section 80G 100% deduction for amount paid


Or 50% deduction (as prescribed)

Donating to prescribed funds and institutions as per section 80G Donation receipt


Name of the Donee


PAN of the Donee


Address of the Donee


amount contributed


This deduction can also be directly claimed in your tax return
LTA Based on LTA as per CTC or salary letter LTA is provided as part of salary


For trips within India (foreign travel is not eligible)


2 journeys can be claimed in a block of 4 years. (We are currently on the 1st Jan 2014- 31 Dec 2017 block).

Tickets of travel This deduction is allowed via your employer and cannot be claimed directly in your tax return
Medical reimbursement Rs 15,000 Medical reimbursement is provided as part of salary. Actual medical bills, doctor receipts, medicine bills. This deduction can only be claimed via employer and is not allowed directly in your tax return.


If you have worked with more than one employer in the financial year, your employer may also ask for details of your income from previous employment. You may also have to resubmit documents for deductions. This helps your current employer calculate tax on your aggregate income and apply proper tax slab & rate.

Do note for deductions that are allowed directly in your tax return, no documents are required to be submitted to the income tax department. However, these must be kept safely in your records should the assessing officer ask for them later.

All the best with your proof submissions!



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