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Women all over India can now file their tax returns for free, sitting at home at ClearTax – ( ). ClearTax is offering all women free access to its very user friendly tax filing website till July 26, 2012. The ClearTax platform is an easy to use to file one’s tax returns. The offer is an initiative by the company to invite women to take ownership of their finances.

ClearTax ( ) advises a lot of people on tax planning and thousands of customers file their returns using the ClearTax website. The Clear team help out scroes of customers in tax return preparation and filing. ClearTax has a very high net promoter score (Net promoter score: People who recommend you and give you a score of 8+ out of 10). 

Archit Gupta, Co-founder, ClearTax says, “Talking to customers about their finances, income and their tax planning gave us a lot of insight into how people think and behave in aggregate. We noticed that more men than women e-filed online with us.”

He adds, “Our team learnt that in aggregate, women spent significantly less time paying attention to tax planning and personal finance compared with men. Some of it was unfamiliarity, some of it was cost, and some of it was hesitation. Since their peers weren’t doing tax and financial planning, women were less likely to pay attention to this topic. Men on the other hand in aggregate saved more on their taxes via deductions even though taxation rates for men are higher in India.”

“The offer from ClearTax is an invite to all women professionals to take charge of their financial lives. They do not need to worry about paying the fees and can try ClearTax to easily file their returns and estimate their savings and taxes.”

As part of the ClearTax for Women initiative, the company will be running more awareness campaigns for women professionals – with Fleximoms, ( an organization focused on women and work. A Facebook chat about filing taxes and related queries on is scheduled with ClearTax experts for the Fleximoms Community at  

ClearTax for women will be available till July 26th, 2012 on

ClearTax will provide free Income Tax Return filing for women with zero charge and no catch.



About Clear Tax

ClearTax ( ) helps Individuals and Enterprises do tax compliance online. This is both for direct and indirect taxes, for example, Income Tax Returns, and TDS returns. ClearTax makes SaaS based products to serve these markets.

For the Individual Income Tax Return filing market, ClearTax has a beginner friendly website:

ClearTax has a built-in automatic navigational system which helps the user prepare and file their tax returns by asking simple questions. There is facility for automatic reading of Form-16 PDF which creates the Individual’s tax return instantly without human intervention. ClearTax in-house Chartered Accountants and experts review and help consumers when they need help or want expert opinion. ClearTax handles Income from Salary, House Property, Capital Gains, Business, Other and Exempt Income and all sorts of Tax Deductions. 

ClearTax has state-of-the-art cloud based infrastructure and special security safeguards to maintain user data privacy.

In the Enterprise market, ClearTax makes “ClearTax Chartered Accountant Enterprise Edition” which is SaaS based. CA firms from all over India use this product to file tax returns for their clients. CA firms file all kinds of Income Tax and TDS Returns with ClearTax. Enterprise, Medium and Small businesses also self-serve to e-file their own Income Tax and TDS returns.

ClearTax ( ) is a product of ClearSharp Technology Private Limited.


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