Final chance to put your past income tax returns in order

Several taxpayers, who file their income tax returns, forget to verify them. In fact, many taxpayers believe their return filing is complete once return has been submitted to the income tax department.

Return filing is actually a 3 step process.

Steps to complete your Return Filing Process

Step 1 Submission of your income tax return Submit at
Step 2 Verification of income tax return submitted Via EVC OR submitting physical ITR-V
Step 3 Final return processing from the department refund processing or intimation under section 143(1)


Unfortunately, a large number of taxpayers, skip step 2 and therefore their return submission process is incomplete and refund is not processed. While electronic verification or EVC was introduced last year, past returns could only be verified by sending the physical ITR-V to CPC, Bangalore. This process was rid with many problems, postal delays and misplaced envelopes etc.

A lot of taxpayers write to us asking for help on how to put their past tax returns in place. Most of them are seeking a visa or a home loan. And visa authorities or lenders ask for past returns to process requests.


You can now e-verify past income tax return by 31st August 2016

As a last and final chance to taxpayers, the income tax department has allowed verification of returns submitted for the following Assessment Years

AY 2009-2010  (Return for FY 2008-2009)

AY 2010-2011  (Return for FY 2009-2010)

AY 2011-2012  (Return for FY 2010-2011)

AY 2012-2013  (Return for FY 2011-2012)

AY 2013-2014  (Return for FY 2012-2013)

AY 2014-2015  (Return for FY 2013-2014)

If for any reason you could not submit ITR-V of these years, you can E-VERIFY your tax returns by 31st August 2016. These returns shall then be processed by the income tax department by 30th November 2016.

NOTE: this not an additional chance at filing your tax return afresh, but only a chance to verify them. This is only applicable if you had already submitted your return ELECTRONICALLY for these years.


How to check status of receipt of ITR-V

If you are unsure whether your ITR-V was received or not, you can check its status at

Enter your PAN and Assessment year or your e Filing acknowledgment number and captcha code and click on ‘Submit’.




Enter your PAN and password alongwith captcha code and click on submit.


Click on ‘View Returns/Forms’ and the status of your Returns shall be displayed.



If return was not submitted by you

In case you did not submit your tax return, the department can send you a notice for non-filing.

If the department has already initiated the process by sending you a notice, you must continue to follow the course of action as per that notice.


Interest on Refund

In the above cases, where return processing could not completed by the income tax department since no verification was done. Interest shall not be paid for the period of delay due to the taxpayer. So if any refund is due, you will not receive interest for the intervening period, until your return is verified.


Ways in which your return can be verified via EVC

Your income tax return can be e-verified by any ONE of the following means.

  • Via EVC through the department’s site
  • Via aadhaar card OTP – read here.
  • Via net banking account – read here.
  • Via bank account number
  • Via DEMAT account



If you need any help drop us an email and we’ll assist you.


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2 Responses to Final chance to put your past income tax returns in order

  1. Ashish May 24, 2016 at 10:32 pm #

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I had submitted my return manually for financial year 2010-11 and was expecting refund amount of Rs 20000/- approximately but did not get any communication from IT department.
    Should I resubmit my return electronically to get back my refund, please opine on this matter.