Filed Income Tax Return but forgot to send ITR-V?

After successful filing of your Return – you are required to send your ITR-V to CPC Bangalore. ITR-V has to be sent within 120days of your e-filing.

You filed your Income Tax Return on time, but forgot to send the ITR-V?

Unfortunately, unless you send your ITR-V, the department does not consider your return as filed. Therefore, in the eyes of the Income Tax Department no return has been filed.

You need to file a Fresh Return now, as if you never filed one!

The good news is you can still e-file your returns for FY 2013-14. Do remember to send your ITR-V this time! Here’s how you can send it Send ITR-V

Also note that when you file a delayed return it has some consequences, read here to know more about it missed the return filing deadline


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