File your IT Returns with a valid email address

use a valid email address to file IT returnsIf someone is doing IT Return filing for you – usually they use their own email address – that can potentially put you in trouble. These days the IT department sends its communications to you via email – while filing through someone else, those communications may not directly reach you. Such a communication may be about a refund or a demand or another intimation. An email acknowledgment is sent by the IT department upon receipt of ITR-V. You may end up not getting the acknowledgement yourself. Or revising your return may become a hassle. You may have filed with someone in a hurry and that person is not around the next year – can cause problems when you are filing returns next year yourself.

When you file with clearTax we make sure all communication reaches you directly. And your data is absolutely secure with us.

File your returns with clearTax yourself! It’s absolutely simple & hassle free! We are always around for support. We also do CA assisted filings if you need help.

We are always there!

File with us NOW

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