Everything you need to know about tax declaration to employer

If you are salaried, your employer must have asked for your investment declaration for FY 2016-17. Based on the declaration you make, your employer calculates TDS he must deduct annually. And then he makes monthly adjustments for income tax to your monthly take home salary. (This is also a good time to start putting effort into your tax planning for the financial year).

These are some of the typical questions an employee faces at such a time:

What does investment declaration mean?

How should I go about planning my income taxes?

Which are the main income tax deductions I can claim?

Which are the most efficient tax saving options?


ClearTax has put together an extremely helpful GUIDE  which has everything there’s to know about Investment Declaration.

Here is your free download of the GUIDE:

FREE download click here–> Cleartax’s Handbook to investment declaration.



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