Email from tax department regarding e-verification of Old Returns

The income tax department has sent out emails to tax payers who have not verified their tax return for past years. Here is a sample of the email sent by them.

Subject: Non-Verification of e-return uploaded.

The e-return uploaded by you for AY 2014-15 as indicated above does not appear to have been verified so far.

The time limit for verification of the return has been extended up to 31st October 2015. Further, e-verification (EVC) facility has also been extended to this return (Kindly refer to CBDT Notification No.1/2015 under the CPC Scheme 2011 dated 10 July 2015 and CBDT Order u/s 119 dated 20 July 2015 at

You are therefore requested to verify the above e-return on/before 31st October 2015 either through Electronic Verification Code (EVC) or by submission of ITR-V to CPC, Bangalore.

Kindly note that in the event of failure to verify the e-return as required above, the same will be liable to be treated as if never furnished and such return may not be considered for further processing by the Income tax Department.

Kindly ignore this communication, if you have already verified the e-return through EVC or have been communicated receipt/acceptance of ITR-V by CPC, Bangalore.

With Regards,

Centralized Processing Center (CPC)
Income Tax Department, Bangalore.


After e-filing you need to ‘verify your return’. Here’s a quick recap of steps involved –

  • E-file your tax return
  • Verify your tax return either by through e-verification OR posting ITR-V
  • Once your ITR-V or e-verification is received by the IT Department, your refund, if any, shall be processed.
  • E-verification or submission of ITR-V completes your e-filing process.


Returns for AY 2013-14 and AY 2014-15 could be e-verified uptil 31st October 2015 – read here.

If you have not verified your return by this date, you may have to file your return again. The tax department considers un-verified returns as if they had never been filed.


Your return can be verified –





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