Can you e-File your TDS Returns Online?

Filing the TDS returns has plagued every chartered accountant and small and medium businesses since time immemorial. It’s a tedious task that has be to be repeated every quarter and long lines at the TIN-FC are just one part of the grief.

ClearTDS, has now made life simpler for you by taking over the burden of filing your TDS return. You can now do it online from your ClearTDS dashboard and leave the rest to us. Let’s have a look at how it works.

How to Skip the Line at the TIN-FC and File the TDS Return Online?

Once your TDS return is ready, we’ll throw you an option to file your return online.

E-File TDS Return Online

After which you are prompted to pay for the service which will require you to enter your card details.

Proceed to Checkout

What Happens After I File my TDS Return Online?

Once you have uploaded the TDS Return,

  • Our team then emails you the acknowledgement within the next 2 hours
  • You will also need to courier us a hard copy of the signed Form 27A, within 7 days of filing online.

We’re sure you have plenty more questions for us. We’ve tried answering quite a few on our FAQ page. But for further support you can reach out to us on 011 39595559 or email us at

Generate your TDS Return and e-File Online

ClearTDS is India’s leading Financial Software on the cloud, that can help you:

e-File your TDS Return Online NOW

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