E-file tax returns on the ClearTax App

We’re now shopping on our phones, we’re chatting and sharing pictures through our phones, we’re even watching movies on our phone, there’s so much we’re doing on our phones that we had never imagined we’d ever do.

Add e-filing income tax returns to that list as well. Yes, you can now e-file from your phone using the ClearTax Android App.

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The ClearTax app already allowed you to e-file tax returns by uploading your Form 16, check tax refund status, calculate income tax and generate rent receipts. The app also has an offline sync facility that allows you to enter details without an internet connection.

And this is not all. The latest version of the ClearTax app boasts of four more features that will ease the e-filing process for you:

Upload Form 16 and Form 26AS anytime

Users can now upload their Form 16 and import their Form 26AS at any point in the filing flow. You can fill in the details you have and then upload any of the forms to complete the filing process at a later time.

Easier to find Form 16

You can now not only upload your Form 16 at any point in the flow, but also find it easily on your phone. You don’t need to go through multiple file folders to search for the Form 16, the ClearTax app will scan your phone and find it for you.

Go to the exact errors

You don’t need to go through the filing flow and search for errors to fix. The ClearTax app will take you to the errors where a dialog box will show you what needs to be corrected and how.

Sign in with Google

The ClearTax website allows you to log in to your account using your Google ID. the same feature has been added to the app as well to facilitate easier sign-in without any need to remember passwords.

The ClearTax app has a lot more features to enable e-filing tax returns on the go. So, don’t wait anymore. The deadline to file tax returns for FY2015-16 (AY2016-17) is 31 July 2016. Download the app and e-file right away.

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