Do I need to submit any documents or proofs with my Tax Return?

A lot tax payers write to us to inquire whether they need to submit any documents, proofs or certificates along with their income tax return to the income tax department or to us at ClearTax.

Your Income Tax Return is now referred to as an ‘annexure less’ return. This means that no documents or proofs have to be attached along with the return.  Many sections of the Act require certificates to be obtained for claiming deductions and tax payers are unsure who to give these certificates to.

The relevant proofs and certificates etc are absolutely essential to be obtained, however those must be kept safely by you in your own records, should the Assessing Officer sends a notice and calls for them or you have to justify them under any circumstance.

Possibly the only paper document you may have to send is your physical ITR-V, that too only if you haven’t been able to e-verify your tax return successfully.

Once your filing is complete you have to ‘verify’ your return. You can e-verify it via
Income Tax Department’s website – read here
via net banking – read here
via aadhaar card OTP – read here

If you do not succeed with the means listed above you need to send the physical ITR-V to CPC, Bangalore.

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2 Responses to Do I need to submit any documents or proofs with my Tax Return?

  1. Sandeep August 23, 2015 at 11:08 pm #


    I have a query : I have uploaded the e-filing and completed EVC through Net banking. The form 16 received from my organization does not include some investments, but I have specified them while e-filing.
    How and when I have to send or upload the investment proof?

    • cleartax-team August 24, 2015 at 10:09 am #

      You dont need to upload or send any investment proofs. But you must keep those safely in your own records, should the AO ask for them. These are not required to be uploaded or sent to anyone.