How ClearTDS solved a real-world problem for an ecommerce company

One part of this story is about convenience. The other part is about expertise.

It would be wrong to generalize that people are lazy, but they definitely do want their work to be done more conveniently and expertly. Sure, some people are just plain lazy, but the desire to make tasks convenient appeals to them as well.

There are a number of things we have to do during a typical day and all we ask is that they get done in a simple, hassle-free manner. While people were complaining about the bothers of taking time out of their busy schedules to go shopping, an ecommerce company, which we’ll refer to as Client for privacy purposes, saw an opportunity to make this task easy for them. And since then, Client has changed the way we shop for things we need on a daily basis.

Client wins because it is convenient and their systems have been put into place in an expert manner. We browse through the Client website and app the same way we browse through the alleys of a shopping center. We checkout, we make the payments and we buy the things we need. But all of this happens for us from the comfort of our homes. Shopping was a real-world problem that was solved by Client.

And when they faced a real-world problem, it was solved for them by ClearTDS. The problem that Client faced was at the time of filing their TDS returns.

Sidenote: TDS stands for tax deducted at source. A company that pays salaries to employees and payments to vendors is required to deduct TDS on these payments before they are paid out. This TDS has to be deposited with the Income Tax Department and details of these deductions have to be filed in the form of TDS returns.

For Client, who used the government’s utility along with data exported from their payroll vendor to file their TDS returns, the challenges were many:

  • They had no way of knowing if the data being input was as per the TDS tax code
  • They received notices for previous returns, despite the data being fed in from the payroll system that was deemed to be accurate
  • The reasons for the notices from TRACES were incomprehensible
  • The government’s TDS software was not user-friendly and difficult to navigate for non-power users

These challenges, when clubbed together, were creating an immense problem for Client. Their TDS compliances had to be fulfilled. And fast!

It was then that Client started to use the ClearTDS software. Things began to get sorted out right away. The ClearTDS software allowed Client to identify the reasons behind the tax notices and file the revised returns.

The ClearTDS software did this by:

  • Identifying incorrect PAN and name msimatches with the help of the software’s inbuilt PAN validation feature
  • Automatically adding challans to deductions
  • Identifying unconsumed challans and using them appropriately
  • Allowing easy-to-use revising filing
  • Providing how-to guides and dedicated support from CAs and experts

As earlier suggested, this story is about convenience and expertise. And these are the two factors that made ClearTDS work well to solve Client’s problems. Using ClearTDS, they were able to easily file revised TDS returns and save money by re-using unconsumed challans. This was an immediate ROI on the investment made in the software.

ClearTDS can help your company file TDS returns and generate Form 16s online. ClearTDS is India’s leading e-TDS return preparation and TDS e-filing cloud-based software. It is convenient because it is extremely easy-to-use, even for someone who is new to the process of preparing and filing TDS returns. And it is easy-to-use because the software is prepared with the help of a team of chartered accountants and tax experts.

A product of ClearTax, ClearTDS enables companies to prepare and file their TDS returns as well as generate and merge Form 16s. ClearTDS trumps the government’s NSDL RPU utility because:

  • It is a cloud-based software that doesn’t require desktop installation and updates
  • It comes with a bulk PAN verification facility
  • It is a centralized software that aggregates all deductor information on the same dashboard
  • It allows multiple users to work on the same deductor at the same time
  • It detects potential TDS notices and sends notifications from the built-in early warning system
  • It allows online FVU generation as well as submission
  • It saves money for the users by using unconsumed challans
  • It allows easy import of previous year TDS returns

File TDS Returns Online

These features, along with the great support offered by the ClearTDS team, are the reasons why the software is used and trusted by not only startups like Client, but established companies like ICICI Bank, Cyient, Convergys and Tech Mahindra as well.

Check out the ClearTDS website to find out more about how the software can help you simplify TDS returns and Form 16s for your company.

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