ClearTax is now 400% faster

ClearTax is now 400% faster. We have always believed SPEED IS A FEATURE and we publish our speed metrics to the readers of this blog. 

Engineering staff has spent many sleepless nights working very hard to make sure you have a great experience in preparing and filing your Income Tax Return.

1. Our average request latency on read workload is faster by around 600% – we are seeing 150ms per read. We will be making this faster in the coming days.
2. Our average write latency is lower than our read workload! Holy smokes. Faster by around a whopping 2200%, we are spending 108ms on an average read.

This miraculous speed-ups were due to quite a few low hanging fruits (thankfully). We continue to drive the optimizations to make sure you find ClearTax BLAZING fast.

For the technically inclined readers of the blog, here’s what we did:

1. Indexing certain Foreign keys. Turns out we didn’t have indexes on certain foreign keys. This made scans into seeks. So really simple optimization, but good performance boost.
2. Optimizing certain SQL queries. Some of our SQL queries were horribly inefficient. We tuned them to become super optimized. The average case goes smoking fast now. The corner cases get more headroom in the SQL server, so everyone’s happy. They were embarrassingly inefficient SQL queries so I won’t tell you about them. 
          -> There was one SQL query which made me shout at the monitor when I read it. Its optimized out now. 😀
3. Parallel transactions: We have a love-hate relationship with parallel transactions. Parallel transactions can deadlock and get victimized. But the speed boost and the rarity of this makes us not worry. Still something we are watching over.

Happy tax filing!

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