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How to claim HRA exemption for rent to parents without inviting department’s wrath

It is common for taxpayers to claim HRA exemption by paying rent to parents. But a lot of us do not know the right way to do this. Let’s understand in detail. You may have heard about a recent case law of how the income tax department refused to allow HRA exemption for rent paid by a […]

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Mutual Funds and Bank FD – understanding tax implications

When it comes to investment, people usually opt for fixed deposits considering them to be relatively risk free. We generally compare the rate of return and the risk factors associated with investment opportunities. But we ignore the tax implications; considering them might change our decision. In the article, we will discuss about the Taxability of […]

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Features of 8% assured return scheme for Senior Citizens

To protect our senior citizens from falling interest rates, the government has launched Varishtha Pension Bima Yojana 2017. This is a pension scheme that guarantees 8% return for 10 years. The launch date has not been notified yet. Government has launched this scheme earlier as well. A similar program by the same name ‘Varishtha Pension […]

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