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Mutual Funds and Bank FD – understanding tax implications

When it comes to investment, people usually opt for fixed deposits considering them to be relatively risk free. We generally compare the rate of return and the risk factors associated with investment opportunities. But we ignore the tax implications; considering them might change our decision. In the article, we will discuss about the Taxability of […]

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How to use tax-saving investments to achieve financial goals

Saving taxes shouldn’t be the only purpose behind investing in tax-saving investments. By their very nature, tax-saving investments make for excellent long-term investment avenues because they come with lock-in periods. The lock-in periods, which are as long that as 15 years in some cases, force the investor to stay invested and it is this compulsion […]

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Investment planning FY2016-17

Tax-efficient investment planning for FY2016-17 in 5 steps

First up–the hard facts: Young India is not saving as much as it should. In fact, the average Indian in the 20s is probably paying more taxes than he or should needs to pay. Even if you are making tax-saving investments, you are not investing well enough to help you achieve your long-term goals. And […]

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