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Cleartax EPF Rollback Minimal Finance

Minimal Finance – EPF tax rollback

Presenting Minimal Finance. Minimal Finance are minimal posters that take a light-hearted view on current events and happenings in the world of finance and economy. A tricky and confusing world at most times, it pays to look at issues that involve our money from a different perspective. To begin this exciting journey, we have taken […]

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Story of EPF taxation & clarification from the FM

Since the beginning of time, governments have cut taxes on income and people have paid them. Some governments have tried to gain popularity by raising exemption limits or  by increasing deductions. But this government will go down in history as the one that taxed retirement benefits. Our beloved EPF. [EPF was fully tax free when withdrawn after 5 years of […]

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Pros and Cons of PPF

Continuing the series of articles that talk about the pros and cons of tax-saving investments, let us now look at the Public Provident Fund (PPF). The PPF is another tax-saving investment for deductions under Section 80C that has a large appeal. It is generally the first tax-saving investment that people tend to make because it […]

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