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How to build a portfolio of tax-saving investments

Tax-saving investments come in various shapes and sizes. Think of them as pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Every piece is as important as the other and even if one piece is amiss, the puzzle will be left incomplete. On a similar vein, every tax-saving investment is important and serves a definite purpose. Put together with […]

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common tax mistakes

5 common tax-saving mistakes and how to avoid them

It goes without saying that saving money is as important as earning money. One way to save money is by taking advantage of tax-saving deductions to minimize your tax outgo as much as you can. But that’s easier said than done. Saving taxes is tough and we tend to make it tougher by committing common […]

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How behavioural traits affect our ELSS fund investments

Behavioural science is the branch of science that–among a lot of other things–explores and analyses how our behavioural traits affect the decisions we make. There are two kinds of decisions that humans take–cognitive and emotional. On a broad level, the cognitive decisions are rational decisions that are taken by the brain; the emotional decisions are […]

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Investment planning FY2016-17

Tax-efficient investment planning for FY2016-17 in 5 steps

First up–the hard facts: Young India is not saving as much as it should. In fact, the average Indian in the 20s is probably paying more taxes than he or should needs to pay. Even if you are making tax-saving investments, you are not investing well enough to help you achieve your long-term goals. And […]

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Efiling on ClearTax

Long-term gains from equity investments in ITR forms

Long-term capital gains from different sources are treated differently from an income tax perspective. In case of equity-related investments, all long-term capital gains are tax-free. For equity instruments, long-term is defined as a period of 12 months. Hence, all gains from equity investments that are held for over one year will be completely exempt from […]

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