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Why TDS has been deducted on my EPF?

Without doubt EPF continues to be the most loved product for the salaried. Both the employee and employer contribute to the EPF kitty; and we stand in hope of it coming to our rescue at difficult times. But when TDS is deducted on EPF balance, it comes as a harsh blow. Let’s understand the reasons […]

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Extension of due date for submission of Form 15G/15H by Deductors

Deductors receive Form 15G/Form15H from deductees. These forms are a declaration from the deductee. The deductee does not want TDS to be deducted, since deductee’s total income is below taxable limit. Deductors are required to upload Form 15G/Form 15H received by them on the income tax department website. [How to file Form 15G/Form15H on e-filing portal […]

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NRIs without PAN: How to avoid higher TDS?

Those who are unable to furnish PAN details have to face higher TDS rates. This also applies to NRIs, and foreign company, who must furnish PAN information or else TDS will be deducted at maximum rates. In a recent circular the income tax department has eased the rules for NRIs who don’t have PAN or […]

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Now you can upload TDS returns on income tax website

In a major move the income tax department has made it possible for TDS returns to be filed on the income tax e filing website. ( ) This is great news for TDS deductors who found TRACES difficult and cumbersome. They will now be able to upload their TDS return without TRACES. Do note that […]

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