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We are hiring the Business Head of ClearTax consumer business. This is one of the best jobs available in Indian fintech sector. Read below to apply.

About ClearTax:

ClearTax ( is a leading fintech startup in India. Our investors include Y Combinator, Max Levchin, Founders Fund, Sequoia, SAIF Partners, Naval Ravikant, Neeraj Arora, and Scott Banister. We are well funded with a runway for the next 4 years. In 2014, ClearTax became the first India focused startup funded by prestigious Silicon Valley investor, Y Combinator.

Our mission: To Simplify the financial lives of individuals and businesses in India with software.

Today, ClearTax is used by over a million Indian tax payers, 10,000+ CA firms and 20,000 Businesses. We are the largest platform in India in this space.

What’s next?

We are building many more use cases beyond taxes.

  • We are helping Individuals save more on Taxes and create more wealth and prosperity for them.
  • We are helping businesses getting started, and providing them with financial software so that business owners can focus on just running their business and not on paperwork.

Position: Business head for our consumer business

We are hiring a business head for our consumer business. This is a GM role.

  • We are looking for an extremely ambitious person who wants to build a world class organisation from the grounds up.
  • Ownership of P&L.
  • Grow our user base and increase revenue.

Come shape the future of financial software for millions of Indians.

To Apply email us at

Why is this the best job in fin-tech?

  • Massive Impact: Change the way how India does taxes. No joke. ClearTax is the market leader and our product shapes how millions of Indians experience taxes.
  • Large Ambition: We are looking to build an empire together. Finance is going to be eaten by software and technology. We are here first.
  • Great People: You’ll be surrounded by some of the smartest, nicest, ambitious people. You’ll get to work hard with zero bureaucracy.
  • Fantastic role: You get to be in the driver’s seat. Drive the product, marketing, sales and business functions. You get to own the outcome.
  • Huge challenge: We believe in small teams. We believe in building businesses with minimal capital. This is not easy. It requires ingenuity, patience and deep hustle.

Desired Qualities

No one person may have all the below. You should apply if you are ambitious and want to change how Indian finances work. We love to work with founders who want to come join our mission. We have no bias about your background.

  • Strong familiarity with consumer internet space
  • Excellent communication and persuasion skills
  • Managed P&L
  • Tenacity and sense of urgency; the ability make things happen quickly; roll up sleeves and do whatever is necessary to meet team goals
  • Strong bias for action; the ability to juggle multiple priorities and excel in a lean work environment
  • Has planned and executed successful marketing initiatives
  • Demonstrated competence in establishing successful partnerships – can structure, negotiate, and close high-profile deals independently
  • Technical fluency; comfort identifying key technical issues, understanding their business implications, and discussing alternative technical solutions
  • Strong analytical and quantitative skills; strong bias towards data-based decision making, and comfort with financial and operational analysis



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