Budget 2015-16 is in the offing!

Union Budget 2015-16

The news is out – Arun Jaitley is set to present his Government’s second Budget on February 28th. It is uncommon for our budget to be presented on a Saturday. On most Budget days one can see how the stock markets are reacting to the announcements and some of such days have turned out to be highly volatile for our indices. Stock markets are closed on Saturdays – so the Monday after the Budget may be interesting to watch for stock owners.

Our RBI governor has already given an interest rate cut – possibly an indicator that the Finance Minister’s budget will have a strong focus on growth. What will the Finance Minister do to reduce our fiscal deficit? Will this budget be friendly to the common man?

Comment and tell us what are your expectations from this Budget? The Modi Government has settled itself in their seats and most assembly elections are under their belt – time for some hard measures?

What is it that the common man hopes for in the Budget for 2015-16 – bare it all, right here!


Also, in the coming weeks do watch out for our Budget posts on the Blog.

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