Advantage of using ClearTax over Income Tax Department website

Advantages of using ClearTax

ClearTax is a full service Income Tax Return preparation and filing website. Everything is done electronically and it is as simple as using your GMAIL account.

Electronic backup of your tax records:

If you use e-filing with service providers like cleartax, you get backup of your tax records which you can download when you need them later. A lot of times, we need I-T returns for visa applications, bank loan applications, etc. We forget to keep photocopies of the original tax return or sometimes just misplace the papers. With electronic backup of tax records, we can go to the service provider website and download them again.

Intelligent Navigation Technology:

ClearTax has Intelligent Navigation Technology which takes the user through 5 simple steps for filing tax returns in a simple intuitive way. The user does not need to know which ITR he needs to fill, and what information is compulsory vs optional (ClearTax does all the work behind the scenes). She just needs to fill out a simple screen in front of her and hit “Save”. ClearTax Navigation system takes the user to the next appropriate screen intelligently.

No excel sheets:

While using ClearTax, you don’t have to download an excel sheet or need to know what a macro is or what is an XML file. (All this knowledge is needed when you are using Income Tax Department’s website).

No Math needed:

For people with complex needs, ClearTax has a sophisticated tax engine used by CA firms all over the country. ClearTax automatically does the calculation of your Capital Gains, your rental income deductions, carry forward your loss to future years, calculate your Interest due to the Income Tax Department, provide Advance Tax and Self-assessment Tax due statements. So you don’t need to do the math yourself or find yet another excel sheet which does it for you. 

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